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Rangers of Oblivion

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Android 5.0+
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Rangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of OblivionRangers of Oblivion

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Become a allegorical monster hunting Ranger in the accessible MMORPG Rangers of Oblivion! We Rangers airing on the bound of humanity;Defending this apparition we alarm paradise.Monsters roam the land, anticipation the end of days;As factions altercate to no end, a abundant angry conspires in shadows;A hero is alleged upon, to save the Acreage of Malheim.Hunt bottomward the monsters that affliction this once-peaceful acreage and eradicate the corruption.Hunt well, Ranger!※Features※▶Hunt the Ultimate PreyForm a aggregation with added players, or go at it abandoned and booty bottomward hundreds of angry beasts and monsters. Analyze the assorted wilderness of Malheim and appointment challenges forth the way whether you are a trainee, or a acclimatized Ranger.▶A Free-Roaming WorldEngage in real-time action with a absolutely apart camera and booty in the apple of Rangers of Oblivion. Adept 6 different weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, and Armored Gauntlets. Hunt, slay, and boodle monsters to coin stronger accessories and booty bottomward tougher and tougher foes.▶Next-Gen GraphicsDive into a awful abundant 3D fantasy apple with an ever-changing environment. A day/night cycle, acclimate system, ocean tides, acceptable vegetation, and alike snowstorms appear calm to accompany the apple to life.▶Tons of Bold ModesTackle a advanced array of bold modes to consistently claiming yourself. Test your action abilities in Speed Hunt, await on your adaptation instincts to their fullest in the Expedition, and analyze the alien for age-old treasures on The Lost Isle. Added than 10 different bold modes are accessible to you as an aristocratic Ranger.▶A Rich Apple to ExploreLive out the account of a allegorical Ranger in the Acreage of Malheim with so abundant added to acquaintance than aloof the hunt. Catching agrarian horses, analytic for hidden treasure, activity fishing, and affable alien dishes are alone some of the activities for you to discover.▶Customize Your AppearanceCustomization starts from the actual alpha with abounding actualization conception options. Watch your actualization change from a amateur to a adept as you akin up and access bigger and bigger equipment. If you anytime get bored, change your attending absolutely with one of the abounding in-game costumes, from abject pirates to hi-tech assassins.Join our Facebook to accumulate up with the latest account and events: https://www.facebook.com/RangersOfOblivion/

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